EMF Guard: Stretch Fabric / 1m2

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1350 mm width


This conductive fabric is coated with a medical-grade silver coating and has a broad range of applications, since it can be stretched in both directions - lengthwise even up to 100% of its original dimension! The fabric can be used as an antibacterial wound or burn dressing (note: the material is not supplied sterile) but it is also a great material for electrode contacts, clothing, or other shielded garments. Not only is the material highly conductive, but the conductivity increases up to 25% as it stretches, which is convenient for smart textile applications. The silver coating is 99,9% pure.


  • The width of the fabric affects the percentage of conductivity
  • The material is very consistent in quality
  • When the material is stretched lengthwise, its conductivity increases; when you stretch it crosswise, conductivity decreases
  • Crosswise the fabric can be stretched by around 60%, and lengthwise by almost 100%


  • "Intelligent" or shielding garments
  • Cable shielding wrap
  • Hobbies or technology where a change in conductivity with stretch is important